Are you talking to your 

followers on Twitter ?

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they send out tweets to the “Twitter universe” is not treating each and every single one of these messages as though they were an individual tweet tweaked to a single person or prospect that they want to reach as opposed to a mass message sent out to anyone and everyone.

This is the exact same kind of mistake that “legacy marketers” make on a daily basis and why advertising on television or in magazines is nowhere near as effective as it is online. When people feel like you are lumping them in with anyone and everyone else in the world, rather than talking to them, about them, and with them, they are going to tune your message out and it begin to actively ignore you at every and any opportunity.

Thankfully though, making a shift from talking at your followers and instead beginning to talk to and with them is a lot easier than most folks make it out to be. You really just have to start to be a little more conscious about the messages in the verbiage you are spreading with your Twitter account – and from there everything just kind of falls into place!

Now, you’ll want to completely ignore this tip when it comes to trolls, but if you have legitimate followers that want to communicate with you it’s in your best interests to use instant and public communication tools like Twitter to get the conversation rolling and to engage as often as you are able to.

One of the smartest things you can do is start to listen in to the conversations that are happening in your niche, market, or industry – and twitter gives you the chance to do exactly that!

The best products and services come from your customers

The dumbest thing that anyone can do when they are looking to start a business is to create the business that they themselves envision, ignoring completely what the market or what the niche is most interested in, most passionate about, and most frustrated with.

Nothing kills more businesses then catering to the needs and demands of the business owner rather than the needs, demands, and desires of the customers that are going to fork over their cash for the products or services sold.

When you are first starting out this can be a difficult line to balance as you don’t want to spend all your time on Twitter, but once your operation is really rocking and rolling you can dedicate more assets and more resources to your Twitter department and from there the conversations can really flow.






Envision your perfect prospect and send each tweet out to them and them only

The really easy way to communicate effectively with your Twitter followers is to send a tweet out to your perfect prospect, and treat each and every single individual Twitter message that you post as though it was going to a single recipient and only a single recipient.

This will give every single one of your messages a very direct kind of voice, but it will also help you to kind of hone in on the words that you actually use to spread the messages that you are looking to share. Instead of treating everyone like a group you are instead bringing them into the fold, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you start to get Twitter messages back to you from people that feel as though you were talking directly to them.

Engage with your followers

The absolute worst thing you can do with your Twitter account is use it to share your own information rather than to communicate back and forth with your followers that are trying to strike up a relationship with you.